Bring your vision of better patient health to life by partnering with Algok Bio

We leverage our team’s years of successful drug development experience to in-license or acquire promising leads and mature them into acquisition-ready or commercialized assets.


Algok Bio

Our relentless approach to finding and advancing the most promising therapeutic programs and precision medicine approaches is bringing our vision of a healthier tomorrow to life.

“Around the world small startups and academic labs are hard at work turning their specialized insights into future patient treatments. But only ~4% of these attempts will mature into an approved therapeutic.”

“Innovation that overcomes challenges is what moves the world forward. Algok Bio is proud to be one of the innovators that is making the world a healthier place.”

Sung Chul Kim, Ph.D.
President, Co-Founder

Our Approach

We look for those rare preclinical programs that we know will succeed, take them through preclinical and clinical development, and out-license during late clinical development or after commercialization.

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