Finding the 4%

At Algok Bio, we are laser-focused on building a healthier future by overcoming bottlenecks in today's drug development process. While only 4% of therapeutic candidates successfully complete the journey from discovery to market approval,1 we've identified a pivotal point in the R&D process where we believe that our successful drug development experience can move the needle toward success.

By identifying preclinical development-ready candidates that meet our criteria for success and bringing them through preclinical and clinical development, we can offer pharma partners lower-risk, high-value assets that are ready for licensing at either the late clinical development or post-approval stage.

Our featured asset below is just one example of the types of therapeutic candidates we are advancing. We look forward to expanding this pipeline by partnering with discovery teams looking for a development partner. We also encourage pharmaceutical licensing teams looking for promising assets to keep track of how our pipeline is progressing.

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